Using the "Web Publishing Wizard"

To post your web pages to:

"The Internet Connection"

To post pages to your home directory ( That would be: )

You must have the "Metered" or "UnMetered Super Account" for $11.95 / $21.95 a month.

You will get 20 Megabytes of "WWW" space and 20 Megabytes of "FTP" space for a total of 40 Megabytes.

"WWW" = World Wide Web (Your standard Web Page you see on the Internet)

"FTP" = File Transfer Protocol (Files you wish to share with the entire Internet community)

The easiest way to publish a web page is

to use the "Web Publishing Wizard"

To start the Web Publishing Wizard, click Start, select Programs, select Accessories,

select Internet Tools, and then click Web Publishing Wizard.

Follow the directions on your screen...

Note... If Web Publishing wizard does not appear on the menu, it is not


To add the "Web Publishing Wizard"

Open the Add/Remove Programs Properties dialog box at the Windows Setup tab.

Under Components, click the component ("Intermet Tools", then "Web Publishing Wizard") you want to add or remove.

To add all parts of the component, select its check box.

To remove all parts of the component, click to clear its check box.

To add or remove some parts of the component, click Details, and then

click to select or clear check boxes for those parts.


You can also open the Add/Remove Programs Properties dialog box at the

Windows Setup tab by clicking Start, pointing to Settings, clicking

Control Panel, double-clicking Add/Remove Programs, and then clicking the

Windows Setup tab.

If you used a compact disc to install Windows, you will be prompted to

insert it into your computer.


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